Christmas Programming


Dec. 12 - A Marriage Carol, 2:00 PM
Sponsored by Glendive BN Federal Credit Union.

Dec. 14 - December Live, 11:00 AM
Sponsored by Bob and Blaine at Bob's Body Shop of Glendive and the Glendive Flower Basket.

Dec. 15 - Concordia College Christmas, 7 AM
Sponsored by the Staff at Badlands Federal Credit Union of Glendive.

Dec. 15 - Brooklyn Tab Christmas, 3:00 PM

Dec. 16 - Women of Christmas, 2:00 PM
Sponsored by J & S Feeds of Glendive.

Dec. 17 - Lesser Characters of Christmas, 2 PM
Sponsored by Berg Tire of Glendive.

Dec. 18 - The Hope of Hanukkah, 2:00 PM
Sponsored by Craig & Dea Hostetler of Signs of the Times, Glendive.

Dec. 19 - Jesus Has Come..., 2:00 PM
Sponsored by Aaron's in Glendive.

Dec. 20 - O Little Town of Bethlehem, 2:00 PM
Sponsored by Wayne with Mindt Machine in Glendive and Scott at Sunrise Music Center in Sidney.

Dec. 21 - December Live, 11:00 AM
  Sponsored by Carleen and Julie at Phalanges in Glendive and Party Central & the Main Street Popcorn Factory in Sidney.

Dec. 21 -Gospel Greats Christmas, 4:00 PM
Sponsored by Milne Implement, your John Deere Dealer in Glendive and Bumble Bee Floral in Baker.

Dec. 22 - Wheaton College Christmas, 7:00 AM
Sponsored by Hagenston Insurance Agency of Glendive

Dec. 22 - The Messiah, 3:00 PM
Sponsored by Hops Lube and Tire Exchange of Glendive and Boss Office & Computer Products of Glendive, Sidney & Miles City.

Dec. 23 - CS Lewis: Narnia & Beyond, 2:00 PM
Sponsored by Bradley's Town Street Salon of Glendive and your friends & neighbors at Glendive Medical Center.

Dec. 24 - Trail of Two Kings, 2:00 PM
          Sponsored by Scott at Sunrise Music Center in Sidney and Reynolds Market of Glendive.

Dec. 24 - A Christmas Carol, 6:00 PM
Sponsored by Barnick's Hometown Center of Glendive and Napa Auto and Truck Supply of Glendive.

Dec. 22 - Candlelight Carols, 11:00 AM
Sponsored by Hagenston Insurance Agency of Glendive and Western Bank of Wolf Point.


Children's Christmas Vignettes Sponsored by:

Key Janitorial in Glendive
Glendive Medical Center
Bob's Body Shop in Glendive
Mindt Machine in Glendive
US Bank in Glendive

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