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Friends of Christian Radio...

"Listener-Owned, Listener-Operated!"

It is no stretch to tell our listeners that "KGLE is your Gospel Radio Station" because it truly belongs to local listeners under the non-profit corporate name of Friends of Christian Radio.  A major portion of the funding for KGLE's operating expenses comes directly from contributions from KGLE listeners.  Most of these donations are gathered during our Sharathon held each year during October.  

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As an official non-profit corporation Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. does maintain an official membership and an elected Board of Directors who are responsible for carrying on the business of FCR and oversee the overall operation of KGLE.

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FCR/KGLE History

         KGLE originally signed on the air on August 22, 1962 under the guidance of Harold Erickson and with much support and effort from area Christians.  The station operated as a part of the Christian Enterprise Network until the Fall of 1992 when the Network felt it could no longer operate the station and decided to either sell the station to a local listener group or allow it to "go dark" (close the station) on Oct. 31 if a local buyer was not found.  

        That announcement given by Bruce Erickson brought a wave of shock and disbelief across the broadcast coverage area of KGLE.  It was under this motivation that Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. was quickly organized, and funding was gathered for the purchase and initial operation of KGLE.  Unique fund raising efforts like a grain convoy consisting of 11 trucks hauling local grain to a Glendive, MT grain elevator, helped to raise the money necessary for the purchase price and the station's initial operation under the auspices of FCR.  The Lord's hand of blessing was clearly seen during this time and sufficient funds were raised before the designated deadline.

        Ownership of KGLE officially passed from the Christian Enterprise Network, Inc. to Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. on Feb. 1, 1993.  Since that time the Lord has blessed the efforts of Friends of Christian Radio and our listeners have been faithful to support the ministry with their prayers and gifts.  As long as the Lord enables, KGLE will continue to broadcast the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order that Christians be strengthened in their faith and others come to a saving knowledge of our Redeemer.

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  Purpose and Goals of FCR

hereas KGLE has been a trusted friend to radio listeners throughout its listening area for many years, and because we the listeners and beneficiaries of this ministry would seek to insure that KGLE will continue in the spirit in which it was begun by the voluntary and visionary efforts of Christians in Eastern Montana over thirty years ago, we pledge our time, energy, resources, and  prayers  to support this unique ministry for the benefit of future generations.

"To join forces with like-minded Christians throughout the KGLE listening area to purchase KGLE from Christian Enterprises, Incorporated and operate KGLE as a not-for-profit listener-owned and supported Christian radio station.

"To provide an organization in which listeners both near and far can become a vital part of this outreach by providing leadership, direction and financial resources.

"To insure that all the supporters of KGLE have an opportunity to express their vision for the ministry of KGLE through the election of a board of directors which shall be representative of all of KGLE's listening area.

"To operate this radio ministry in the strength of the Lord and for His glory.  To evangelize, to edify, to inform, to challenge, to bind wounds, to be a beacon of light and hope for all to see and hear."

Become An Official  Friend of Christian Radio

In order to function as a recognized corporation Friends of Christian Radio, Inc. must maintain a recognized membership to be able to carry on business.  Even though all listeners may express their views and opinions, only recognized members are allowed to vote at the FCR Annual Business Meeting, held in February of each year.  There is no fee required to become a member of FCR.  The applicant must simply have a desire to be a participant in the ministry of FCR/KGLE, fill out an application for membership and be recommended for acceptance by a pastor of an Associate Member Church, or by two FCR members in good standing, or by a member of the current Board of Directors.  This information will then be submitted for review by the FCR Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.  Upon acceptance the new member will receive an official membership certificate and be eligible to fully participate in the business of FCR as well as be considered for nomination as a candidate for the Board of Directors.

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Note:  Questions 1 & 2 on the application are required to be included by the laws of incorporation.  If you have any questions about the application or membership please contact us at KGLE.

FCR's Board of Directors


Current Board of Directors for Friends of Christian Radio

Duane Domek, President
Representing Wibaux, Fallon, & Carter Counties
P.O. Box 225
Wibaux, MT 59353

Jere Wittkopp, Vice-President
Representing McCone, Valley, & Garfield Counties
173 Wittkopp Road
Circle, MT 59215

Brian Huotari, Secretary
Representing Dawson County
1033 North River Road
Glendive, MT 59330

Jim Squires, Treasurer
Representing Dawson County
110 Juniper Avenue
Glendive, MT 59330

Earl Harshbarger, Member
Representing Roosevelt, Daniels, & Sheridan Counties
112 Longfellow Road
Dagmar, MT 59219

 Duane Mitchell, Member
Representing Richland County
221 S. Lincoln Avenue
Sidney, MT 59270

Jesse LaBree, Member
Representing Wibaux, Fallon, & Carter Counties
420 Mill Iron Camp Crook Road
Ekalaka, MT 59324

Jim Skillestad, Member
Representing Dawson County
503 South Pearson Ave
Glendive, MT 59330

Martin Stentoft, Member
Representing Roosevelt, Daniels, & Sheridan Counties
431 Lekbold Rd
Scobey, MT 59263

Jason Oberlander, Member
Representing Prairie & Custer Counties
219 W. Conser Ave.
Plevna, MT 59344

Representing North Dakota and South Dakota


Board Members are elected for three-year terms with a minimum of one-third of the board elected annually.  If you would be interested in serving the Lord in the future as a FCR Board Member please contact KGLE or one of the current Board Members for details.